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Master Watchmakers' Association of Oregon

From The American Horologist magazine, May 1937

Meeting of April 6th, 1937

"The Master Watchmakers Association of Oregon held an open meeting in the Chamber of Commerce Building on April 6th, 1937, at 6:30 P.M. A regular dinner was served to about forty watchmakers. The meeting was opened informally with President Drews in the chair. Other officers present were: N. S. Conger, Vice President; L W. Ross, Treasurer; W. W. Siemen of Gresham, Director; L. W. Young, Director; Wm. R. Johnson, Director; Harold Sabro, Secretary.

"President Drews stated that nominations for candidates to attend the convention in Chicago were in order: N. S. Conger nominated Harold Sabro; L. W. Hugett nominated R. E. Drews. The president asked that not too many candidates be nominated. The roll was called by the secretary.

"The resolutions by Sabro, sent to our national association: Uniform ledger and dependable radio time signals from Arlington were adopted.

"Collins Garfield was next declared the most popular in our group and was presented with a Sunbeam Mixmaster, donated by Butterfield Brothers for the occation. The moving picture "Time," loaned to the association for the evening by the Elgin Watch Company, was then shown and was very well received. Talks were given by H. E. Anderson, R. E. Drews, Harold Sabro and L. W. Hugett, after which the meeting adjourned in good followship."
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