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Theft in Chicago store involves 27 Borel watches

From American Horologist and Jeweler magazine, December 1959

Theft in Chicago store involves 27 Borel watches

TWENTY - SEVEN LADIES' AND MEN'S watches manufactured by the Borel Watch Company were reported missing after an early October burglary of the William H. Sheffner Jewelry Store at 2408 West 111 th Street, Chicago 43, Ill.

The theft which included many other items might be solved with the help of watchmakers and retail jewelers if any of them come across any of the following watches either through repair work or an attempt on the part of some person to make a sale. All the watches are 17-jewel movements with the exception of the last men's model listed which is a 30-jewel model.

Ladies' watches with identifying serial numbers are: 611269 Nurse, waterproof, steel; 22557 small white gold-filled; 23778 small white gold-filled; 22372 small yellow gold-filled; 23648 small yellow goldfilled; 322615, 6x8, Al dial, yellow rolled gold plate; 1496, 6x8, Al dial, white rolled gold plate, 1557, 6x8, Al dial, white rolled gold plate; 1707 the same; 1594 the same; 1490 the same; 1717 the same; 23632, 5" yellow gold; 721423 black dial Cocktail, yellow gold plate; 160464, 14K white four 2-point diamonds; 274697, bangle bracelet, yellow gold plate and black; 5872 54 steel nurse automatic waterproof, and 587442 nurse steel, white 14K gold top.

Men's watches are: 664008 steel compressor waterproof; 711293 steel waterproof; 711639 yellow gold-plate waterproof; 336735 the same; 594171 steel automatic; 595197 steel case and 14K yellow gold top automatic; 407565 gold-filled black dial automatic Cocktail; 593671 steel waterproof automatic chronometer, and 475615 steel waterproof chronometer with 30 jewels.

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