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Elgin Advertising, 1936

"Family tradition says I'll wear an Elgin home from commencement"
writes Stuart Hotchkiss, Yale '36

"Land ho...  Marsteinen Light dead on!"  And Stuart Hotchkiss navigated the schooner "Vagabond" to the finish of the greate Newport-Norway race of 1935.

Twenty-five days on the the Atlantic...  3,600 miles logged...  the longest, most hazardous ocean race ever sailed!  Here was a record of which his ancestors who captained the fleets of Salem a century ago would have been proud.

Now young Hotchkiss is graduating from Yale.  "I'm looking forward to receiving an ELGIN at commencement," he says.  "Like the sea and sailing; ELGINS have been a tradition with us for generations."

And no graduate could wish for a finer gift than Elgin!  Study the newest models and you will agree.

There is a bracing freshness about them.  A sturdy, well-conditioned appearance that invites confidence.  And on the technical side, they are perfection itself!

ELGIN is the one place in all the world where master watchmakers join in perfect partnership with modern scientists.  Together they plan, create, and completely finish each ELGIN movement under a single roof.

The result is timepieces that incorporate many watchmaking advances...  accuracy-checked to the standard of the stars by an electrical timing device, developed in cooperation with ELGIN craftsmen.

Choose an ELGIN for your graduate now.  The new models are at your jeweler's.   Prices: $17.50 to $500.

A. 17 jewel "Crusader", 14 K. natural solid gold case.  Raised gilt figure dial.  Model 1823.  $65.00
B. 17 jewels, 14 K. natural gold filled case.  Raised figure dial.  Leather strap.  Model 1925.  $47.50
C. Model 1989, combination steel and rolled gold plate case.  Gold filled band.  Curved dial.  $27.50
D. Pocket watch with 17 jewel adjusted movement.  17 K. natural solid gold case.  Model 556.  $75.00
E. 15 jewel "Crusader", 14 K. natural gold filled case.  Curved gilt figure dial.  Model1845.  $42.50
F. 15 jewel strap watch.  The case is natural gold filled.  Embossed figure dial.  Model 1929.  $37.50
G. Model 1464, in smartly styled natural gold filled case.  The dial figures are embossed.  $24.75


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